Media development is a priority area of focus for FMETU Sri Lanka. Since our inception 21 years ago in 2002, the International Federation of Journalists and Asia Pacific office has been collaborating with the Federation of Media Employees Trade Unions in empowering journalists around Sri Lanka and protecting journalists’ rights.

FMETU Sri Lanka was once again very happy with the support of the IFJ-UTU 2023 program in the institutional capacity audit conducted with their support.

It was great that a group of Sinhala/Tamil, Muslim, journalists and women journalists representing the main districts and major media institutions of the island, including the North East, participated.

This interesting and motivational workshop was facilitated by Ms. Jane Worthington, Director, Asia Pacific of IFJ on 13th September with 20 journalists with the Executive Committee of FMETU and key activists at Rainbow Institute, Colombo.

Ms. Indira Nawagamuwa, Deputy General Secretary, did the welcome address. After the welcome, we discussed the FMETU capacity audit responses questionnaire sent to IFJ. Discussion based on challenges, solutions, and group activity Feedback on presentations made by groups of participants.


Then IFJ’s working experience in the Asia Pacific in relation to media union capacity building was explained by the Director, IFJ, Asia Pacific, Ms. Jane Worthington.


Presentation on the development and status of FMETU tri language website, In addition, discussed obtaining feedback for further improvements by Mr. Sajith Sharanga, FMETU Web Consultant.