The drum-makers of Kooragala

n a far-flung village in the District of Kandy, a village of drum-makers holds fast to old traditions and an ancient craft

Through a tree-lined road one cool misty morning, we made our way to a tiny village that is still the heart and soul of one of Sri Lanka’s most unique cultural traditions. The village of Kooragala, in the Udunuwara Divisional Secretariat of the Kandy District, is nestled upon a small mountain range.

Salary dispute of estate workers

By Indunil Usgoda Arachchi

After nearly 200 years after the arrival in Sri Lanka, estate workers can still be considered as a community which does not possess the rights and privileges of other ordinary citizens of the country, forcing them to live a miserable life which can only be compared to the conditions of the pre-Independence era. In fact, their grievances are heard only upon signing collective agreements once in two years while their struggle for life is not something which arises only once in two years. The system of delaying collective agreements by years and offering paltry salary increments has to be changed and a proper program should be carried out by the authorities to uplift these people but in which the country has continuously failed.

Mannar’s Women of the Sea

Text and Pix: Indunil Usgoda Arachchi

Widowed or badly affected during the decades of conflict, the fisher community in Anthoniyarpuram, Mannar has new heroes. Groups of women have formed fisheries cooperative societies, and often spend the night at sea, diving for sea cucumbers and crustaceans in the waters of the Lagoon to keep their families alive and reconstruct lives torn apart by war

Media Organizations Collective

“Media Organizations Collective” is a joint organization between the Free Media Movement, Sri Lanka Working Journalists’ Association, Federation of Media Employees Trade Unions, Tamil Media Alliance, Muslim Media Forum, and the Young Journalists’ Association.

An online discussion on the future joint activities of this organization was held on 18 September 2021. The discussion was also joined by Jane Verhington, International Federation of Journalists Regional Director, Asia Pacific,  and Umesh Prockwell, Program Coordinator.

This joint meeting was organized under the “IFJ – Union-to-Union” 2021 program.

A media training program for the Federation of Media Employees

A media training program for the Federation of Media Employees Trade Unions Federation’s website was held on October 16, 2016. This web training program was conducted by renowned web trainer Mr. Sajith Saranga. This training program for journalists was organized under the “IFJ – Union-to-Union” 2021 program

Kegalle District Journalists’ Union

The application of the registration of “Kegalle District Journalists’ Union” was handed over to the Commissioner-General of Labor Prabath Chandrakeerthi at the Ministry of Labor by District Leader, Journalist Bandara Pahalawatte. Mrs. T. C. Karunaratne, Assistant Commissioner of Labor (Trade Unions), and other leaders including the President of the Media Employees Trade Union Karunaratne Gamage are also in the picture.

“Handbook for Professional Journalists” published by the FMETU

A trilingual “Handbook for Professional Journalists” published by the Federation of Media Employees Trade Unions a supported by the IREX, handover to Hon. Labor Minister Mr. Nimal Siripala De Silva. This handbook discusses the problems of professional journalists’ rights and organizational issues.  every journalist must follow this guidebook.

Brief History of Radio Ceylon

Bauddhaloka Mawatha is a wide, tree-lined avenue in Colombo in Sri Lanka. It runs from Galle Road in the west towards Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte, the administrative capital of Sri Lanka, in the east. The avenue runs past a few university playgrounds and several colonial-era buildings, now occupied by embassies and ministries in a leafy part of Colombo 7. The cluster of buildings across the side of the road leading to the office is the Sri Lankan Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC).

2017 Growing Up Asian in America: Letter to the Senator

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