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To be the Journalist’s ancestral home (haven) of Sri Lanka; It is accurately described in the Sinhala language as “Jana Madyawedinge Mahagedera” and in Tamil as “Oodagangalin Pughalidam”

To build a strong independent media industry in Sri Lanka, by producing an independent group of employees with strong organizing   ability within a secured profession within the media industry.

‘Organizing all the Journalists and media employees in the country under one flag, towards an ethical media practice, while ensuring professionalism, employee rights and welfare.

The Federation of Media Employees Trade Unions (FMETU) was established in the year  2000  and registered with the Registrar of Trade Unions  as an affiliation of trade unions  of  journalists  and the media  workers  within the  Media Industry in Sri Lanka .It is the main trade union  that represents and appears to safeguard the rights of  journalists and media employees in general  and always  takes  the lead  to solve  any issue  of its  memberships  and protect  their profession . FMETU is the first  Sri Lankan media organization which obtained the full membership of the International Federation of Journalists,  in the year 2000.

It was established in order to achieve followings: 

  • To mobilize and organize all employees attached to electronic and print media institutions and regional journalists’ associations in Sri Lanka, under one federation
  • To scrutinize, protect and improve the rights, benefits, and entitlements of members.
  • To uplift the economic status of members.
  • To provide following benefits for members
  • Support against intimidation and harassment faced by members due to union actions or professional struggles to secure relief and employment rights
  • Provide legal assistance and advice for their employment related issues when required.
  • To strengthen formal relationships in between the federation and other related groups and amongst members of the federation
  • To represent members in professional disputes
  • To intervene in matters of national importance affecting the media community.
International and Local

Leading Media Organizations

FMETU joins hands collectively with National and International media organizations.

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